Plasma Nitriding Systems 

Plasma Nitriding, also called Ion Nitriding, is an environmentally friendly and efficient nitriding process which uses plasma as a source of energy and as a source of nitriding elements. Due to its capability of sputter cleaning the parts to be treated, and the

repeatability of the process based on control technology, plasma nitriding offers the most consistent results of all nitriding processes.  Plasma is the future for many thermochemical processes.

IonHeat has developed an 
affordable plasma nitriding system with 
 the following characteristics: 

Characteristics Plasma Nitriding

  HOTWALL: The configuration is responsible for better process control and repeatability. The system is equipped with independent heating and cooling zones for load temperature uniformity. Everything is controlled from a PLC without the operator concern.
BIPOLAR PULSED PLASMA: The right power electronics were developed in order to be able to manufacture a power supply with the highest standards. DC over current protection, ultra fast arc detection systems and frequency and duty cycle flexibility allows for perfect and repeatable results.
TANDEM SYSTEMS AVAILABLE: If the budget calls for a tandem system, ION-HEAT can do it for you. Tandem systems use the same power source, vacuum systems and gas input for two separated chambers. This gives customer the flexibility needed for increased productivity at a lower initial investment. GlowTech tandem systems are highly efficient, allowing continuous treatment between the two chambers when maximum productivity is needed. This is due to a unique feature of our Glow-Tech products which allows to share resources between different production orders being ran in both chambers.
  SMALL FLOOR SPACE NEEDED: Our system design, occupies less floor space than many others in the market. A single rotating column, lifts and rotates both vessels in a tandem system or in an individual system.
ADVANCED AND USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE: Man/machine interface is provided with several security levels, alarm systems, and full user traceability to control machine settings. It allows for live online monitoring and cost estimation of the process, enabling the highest degree of process control.
COMPLEMENTARY NITRIDING TREATMENTS: GlowTech systems can perform any nitriding related treatment, be it nitrocarburizing, control of white layer, or post oxidation, necessary to meet the high and vast demands on parts and tools of today´s industry.
  PLUG AND PLAY INSTALLATION SYSTEM: GlowTech plants are equipped with an efficient Plug and Play system, allowing for an easy and highly cost effective installation.
EQUIPMENT TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS: Our bell type plants are available in different dimensions, and can be adapted to customer demands. New designs provide the option of placing plant base on floor or to have it built in such that loading of system occurs at ground level, the latter being a good option in case height of the installation site is a limiting factor. Please contact our sales representatives in order to find the best solution for your company.

Learn more
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Learn more
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