Who we are

Ion Heat is a young innovative company that designs, manufactures, and commercializes thermal processing equipment of high technological standard, such as nitriding systems and vacuum furnaces. Our passion 

lies in generating technology and added value, for which we are the partner for you in the thermal processing field, providing modern, flexible, and high quality solutions at a competitive cost.

Our History

Ion Heat was founded in July 2012. The Company is a spin-off from the commercial heat treater Tratar S.A., a company in Colombia with over 35 years of experience in the heat treatment field. With four plants in two different countries and more than 5000 satisfied customers, Tratar S.A. has repeatedly been awarded for its dedication to quality and service, and recognized for its innovative mentality.

In 2010, Ion Heat launched its first GlowTech plasma nitriding equipment prototype which was installed at the mother company Tratar S.A., where it is still in daily use. The company presented its first international sale in 2014, and since the same year it counts with the support from two sales representatives in the US. In 2015, the company extended its sales representation to Europe and Asia.

RESPECT  Because by appreciating diversity and valuing different ways of thinking, we can build opportunities for a better future together.

RESPONSABILITY Because by being responsible with our workers, with the customer and with society, we can generate true development around us. 

INNOVATION Because in us, customers will always find a team willing to deliver concrete solutions for his business to develop. 

LOVE FOR KNOWLEDGE Because it is knowledge and experience that allow us to guarantee the customer that everything will turn out as expected.

COMMITMENT TO THE CLIENT Because we dispose of the certainty to tell our clients that we will be there at the moment they need us, no matter the situation.

TRANSPARENCY Because by always being honest with ourselves and with others, we can achieve to establish durable relationships

Our values

Board of Directors

ion-heat_gustavobernalvillegas Gustavo Bernal Villegas

Is founding partner and General Manager of Solexgroup. He also serves as member of the board of directors of Pajonales S.A., and of the advisory committee for the Administration Engineering program of the Engineering School of Antioquia, Colombia.


Andrés Bernal Duque

Is our General Manager and cofounder of the company. He is also a member of the board of directors of our mother company Tratar S.A., of which he is currently Asisstant Director, and where he has served as Project Engineer since July 2001.



Jimena Bernal Duque

Also serves as a member of the board of directors of our mother company, Tratar S.A. where she is the Commercial Manager since March 2015.


Fernando Cárdenas Echeverri

Es is a founding partner of the companies LIFT Growth and Innovation, a business model that emerged from his Master Thesis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Etnológica (ethnographic research and studies),  and a partner in SBI Investment Banking.



Roberto Bernal Villegas

Is cofounder of our company. He is also the founder and General Manager of Tratar S.A., the mother company of IonHeat, since March 1983.